Tips for Dealing with Semester Burnout

By Taylor Clark, Press & Written Media Team

Many of us have been feeling some form of burnout since March, and with Thanksgiving quickly approaching and finals looming in the distance, burnout is more likely. It may seem like there is this invisible wall blocking you from being productive — trust me, you’re not alone. So take a deep breath and continue reading for some tips that will help you overcome your burnout.

  1. Wash your sheets. Now, this one might seem a little lame and or boring. And it kind of is, but having clean sheets is like hitting the reset button. It adds to your list of things you were able to accomplish in one day.
  2. Do some kind of self-care. This one could relate to a variety of things. Personally, I find it comforting to light candles and listen to Taylor Swift. There are a plethora of options out there to indulge yourself in. This includes baking, napping (my fav), face masks, reading — the list goes on.
  3. Drink water. I understand everyone says this one a lot, but it’s an important one! It really does wonders for helping you think better and clearing your skin. There are tons of apps available to remind you to drink water and lots of cute water bottles out there to motivate you.
  4. Have a fun day. Think of this as a chance to recharge. Go for a walk and get some vitamin D. With our eyes glued to screens more than ever, it is important to go outside and breathe. Chances are you will feel much better and more refreshed.
  5. Online streaming services came in clutch this year. Since we are staying home more often, Netflix, Youtube, etc. has really saved us. This tip is more so a chance for you to watch something with your friends or family. I usually watch shows by myself on my laptop, which can get a little lonely. So grab your cup of water and watch a movie with your parents or your siblings. Or, better yet, introduce David Dobrik’s vlogs to your family and see how they react (my mom has the biggest crush on David now). Having a sense of togetherness is really important during this time.
  6. Plan out your schedule. Now that we are closing in on the end of this semester, assignments are piling up and it can be overwhelming. Try to realistically plan out what you can get down in the following weeks. Don’t overexert yourself. It’s okay to take an excused absence here and there to mentally refresh.
  7. Find some new music or a podcast. Music will carry you to the finish line. Whatever your musical tastes may be, try to find some new ones to inspire you and your productivity. Podcasts are also a great form of escapism. Listening to other people’s problems and stories is a great way to escape your own thoughts, and you may return with a new perspective.

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