How to Stay Productive While Having Fun

  1. Making Time for Contemplative Activities
    A step that is often overlooked in boosting one’s productivity and a general sense of happiness is allocating time for introspection. During the day, you are constantly forced to memorize facts, remember the details of someone’s presentation, or do some other work-related activity. It becomes easy to forget that, in the end, all that you are doing is intended to amount to something greater. For this reason, doing activities that give you time to think about yourself in a deep sense is extremely important. Reflecting on what you did that particular day allows you to gauge your growth and what you could do better. Walking, hiking, reading, or any other activity that entails quiet, individual thought are great ways to do this!
  2. Engaging in Communication
    In addition to self-analysis, it’s also crucial to understand that our lives are interconnected with others. On the baseball field, in the classroom or at home, the way in which we live will inadvertently affect others. For this reason, speaking with others in a meaningful way is linked to maintaining a healthy routine. On the mental health side, speaking to friends, family, or a significant other maintains our feeling of being wanted. Communicating your frustrations, fears, or sadness to someone you trust also brings you closer to that person, strengthening your connection. When in academic or work environments, having good communication skills can help you discover knowledge, opportunities and/or friends. Having others help you accomplish your goals can make the outcome more beneficial and effective in its intended goal.
  3. Taking Vacations/Breaks!
    When we are in school, we often take it for granted that we have time dedicated to seasonal breaks. We forget that, after graduation, taking vacation is oftentimes at your own discretion. For this reason, it’s extremely important to understand why vacation is so central to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For one, exploring the world outside of your bubble leads you to discover amazing things about the world around you. Ideas, cultures and people that you had no idea existed can help broaden your mind. In any part of life, having an open mind is necessary to developing traits like humility and empathy, which correlate with better performance in the workplace. Secondly, vacation allows you to decompress and reflect on your past few months of work. It gives you time to decide whether you are on the right path and whether something in your life needs to change. As a result, you can develop the certainty that you are on the right track, pushing you towards becoming more confident and engaged in the classroom or workplace.
  4. Finding and Developing Hobbies
    Lastly, having easy, pleasurable activities to engage in also boosts one’s happiness and general sense of worth. Whether it’s collecting change, birdwatching or playing video games, having something to turn towards for genuine fun enhances one’s experience of life. Moreover, learning about something very deeply allows you to speak with others about that one area, giving you the ability to form friendships and connections with those that love that same hobby. Hobbies also lead us to uncover new passions, pushing us towards exploring a new trajectory for our lives. We may then choose to lead completely different lives that make us happier, better workers and content with the change we feel we can bring about.



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