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By Mihika Vyas, Press & Written Media Team

What does it mean to major in Peace, Conflict and Justice?

I first heard about majoring in Peace, Conflict and Justice in my freshman year at the University of Toronto. The program was introduced to me as “PCJ” through an alumni of the First Year Foundation One program I was a part of. I remember being immediately intrigued by the name of the program, especially since prior to enrolling into university, I wasn’t aware that such disciplines even existed. …

By Jane Wen, Press & Written Media Team

Although no one is particularly thrilled to hear this reminder, the summer is coming to an inevitable close, and a new school year is just around the corner. For me, this means scrambling to make the most out of these final weeks before heading off to my first year of college. When I’m not picnicking with friends or strolling around my neighborhood for the umpteenth time, I’ve been turning to crafts, a foolproof way of merging leisure and productivity. Crafting leaves me feeling well-rested, inspired and ready to take on the world…

By Samra Ashe, Press & Written Media Team

Everyone has dreams and aspirations for their ideal life. But sometimes, we can get so caught up in the monotonous pace of life that we stop living with those dreams in mind. They seem distant, far away and impossible, something destined to remain a fantasy forever. Vision boards, a collage of pictures representing one’s dreams and goals, offer a solution to this dilemma. Not only are they a fun and creative pastime, but according to Psychology Today, they have been proven to increase motivation, confidence and motor performance. …

By Samiha Zaman, Press & Written Media Team

Sometimes I ask myself, How did I end up as a business major?

As a descendant of South Asian immigrants, I grew up in a family favoring STEM careers. Both of my parents studied biology in college, and most of my relatives have likewise pursued careers related to medicine, biology and computer science. However, I’ve never felt the desire to pursue a career in anything STEM-related. Instead, I’ve had dreams of becoming a social entrepreneur, specifically by working with local communities to uplift others.

My business-related inclinations started in high school, when…

By Vaidehi Bulusu, Press & Written Media Team

Managing your finances is an extremely important life skill. College is an ideal time to start learning this skill, as you’ll be independent for probably the first time in your life, and therefore will have to handle things on your own. Here are our top five tips to help you get started with personal finance management!

Take up a job

It’s a good idea to take up a part-time job in college (of course, this may not be optional for some students), if you are able to juggle it with your other…

By Mihika Vyas, Press & Written Media Team

What does it mean to major in human geography?

Just about every time I tell somebody that one of the double majors I am pursuing is human geography, I am promptly asked to explain what the study of the field entails. Since “geography” as a discipline is so broad in scope, it is divided into five specialties. Human geography is a subdivision of geography along with physical geography, geographic techniques and regional geography. It is considered to be the branch of geography that is associated with humans and their relationships with communities…

By Samra Ashe, Press & Written Media Team

One of the great things about the summer is that it opens our schedules up to whatever we want to do beyond schoolwork, whether that be extra time to make money, take on resume-enhancing internships or focus on personal development. For me, every summer gives me the chance to work on improving myself by building better habits. The general consensus is that it takes 21 days to establish a habit, so if you get started now, these habits could be well ingrained into your daily life by the time the school year…

By Laura Fernandez, Press & Written Media

Biology as a major is a branch of science, and can sometimes be referred to as life or health sciences. It is the study of life, which includes living organisms, plants, bacteria, cells and animals. You take a variety of courses in your first and second year to broaden and solidify your foundation in science. This may include microbiology, organic chemistry, computer science, statistics, physics, psychology and calculus. In your upper years, you can obtain a specialization in more specific disciplines like environmental science, bioinformatics and biophysics. …

By Taylor Clark, Press & Written Media Team

The Press & Written Media Team has compiled a list of all of our recent favorite books for you to indulge in during these uncertain times. We may not be able to travel very far in person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t travel to different times and lands through books. We are all looking for distractions, and this is the perfect time to find yourself lost in a book rather than the news.

Educated by Tara Westover

“Because it’s one wild ride from start to finish.” — Karly Hou

The Road…

By Vaidehi Bulusu, Press & Written Media

Now that it’s summer, I finally had the time to finish off some of the books on my reading list. Not only is reading fiction fun, but it also offers a new perspective about the world and gives you the chance to empathize with the struggles, opinions and ideas of different people. Here are four recommendations for books that are especially relevant today.

  1. 1984 by George Orwell

Get acquainted with the story of Winston Smith, a man who lives in a society that attempts to control every aspect of its citizens’ lives. People…

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