5 Ways Reddit Can Be A Friend To Every Student

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4 min readDec 6, 2023

There’s a vast ocean of social media platforms that help college students research and gain information. Starting from researching what your college campus is actually like to looking for practical advice if you want to change programs, Reddit has it all. Like any other social media platform, what you find on Reddit may not necessarily be the full truth of the situation, but you can gain valuable insight into any issue or dilemma you might be facing. It’s a good place to start and from there, you can venture out to look for more.

Here are five ways Reddit can offer you support:

Academic guidance

There are a plethora of subreddits devoted to academic subjects where you can ask questions, look for explanations of ideas, and even receive assistance with homework. It’s quite fascinating how wholesome the Reddit student community can be, solving problems and trying to help each other to overcome academic challenges. A few subreddits even help students form study groups so they may work together on projects, share notes and collaborate or get ready for tests.

These subreddits, which focus on exchanging efficient study techniques, time management advice, and much more, include r/GetStudying and r/studytips. Subject-specific subreddits frequently provide links to helpful tutorials, online resources, advice on research techniques, finding academic papers and citing sources, as well as instructional websites that can be used in addition to conventional coursework. Even if you’re just looking to improve your writing, subreddits like r/Essay_Writing_Service and r/writing can be helpful for obtaining materials to improve academic writing, including essay feedback and finding useful resources.

Housing Tips and Budgeting

When you’re in college, one of the most daunting things you’ll find yourself facing is housing and living on your own — where are you going to live? Will you have a roommate? How do you start spending money wisely? Well, Reddit also has numerous subreddits, like r/personalfinance where students exchange their own experiences of college living, give recommendations, firsthand knowledge on budgeting, locating affordable housing, and handling daily costs. You’ll find lively conversations about affordable housing options, lease negotiation strategies, and suggested amenities. You’ll also find conversations about how to deal with roommates, make a comfortable living space, and manage the pressures of juggling work and personal obligations.

All these discussions can offer you valuable insight. If you’re still struggling to find what you’re looking for or need help navigating a specific situation, you’ll be more than welcome to ask questions.

Coding Help

If you’re a coder or just learning to code, you’ll know that the world of programming and coding is no piece of cake. Every now and then, you’ll find yourself stuck on a code that just won’t seem to run. Instead of exhausting yourself reading through books and trying to decipher where you went wrong, you might want to take a breath and look it up on Reddit.

Subreddits like r/learnprogramming provide a welcoming environment where you can ask for help, discuss difficulties, and get professional advice from a large international community of programmers. You’ll find real-time solutions to your problems. Additionally, topic-specific subreddits answer questions abouta variety of programming languages. College students that are part of these communities not only solve coding problems but also learn about other viewpoints given their collaborative nature. Essentially, Reddit turns into a vibrant information center that speeds up the learning process for aspiring programmers and encourages friendship and networking among users who are confronting challenging coding problems.

Internships and Jobs

At some point in your college journey, you’ll have to start looking for an internship or maybe you need a part-time job that’ll help you make ends meet. And you guessed it, Reddit has subreddits (r/internships and r/forhire) for that too.

You can explore a wide range of opportunities, from internships to part-time work. In addition to job postings, these large communities provide advice on interview techniques, resume writing, and application procedures. You’ll find many students who have been through this process offering insightful guidance on navigating the job market by sharing their personal experiences. Students acquire a nuanced awareness of industry trends and employer expectations through these exchanges. Furthermore, niche forums and subreddits pertaining to career development and industry become important sites for networking, bringing together professionals in related sectors and students.

Stress management

Stress is no alien to college students and sometimes it’s easy to feel isolated. If you’re one of these stressed-out college students, Reddit is a support network that can come to your aid and offer comfort. You’ll find other students sharing their experiences and coping strategies on subreddits such as r/college and r/mentalhealth. Students who are part of these communities find comfort and emotional support knowing they are not alone in their troubles, and to find a sympathetic audience that has faced comparable obstacles.

On these subreddits, you can find a variety of stress-relieving methods, such as time-management tactics and mindfulness exercises. Given the wide range of viewpoints you get on these forums, you’ll see students sharing what helped them cope, starting from articles and apps, online courses devoted to mental health, routine practices and so on. You can find a plethora of collective wisdom on Reddit, which transforms into a kind, supportive and empathetic community.

Reddit is a comprehensive support structure that greatly benefits college students. You can access a wealth of academic material, subject-specific help, and study tactics through a plethora of dedicated subreddits, creating a vibrant online learning community. You might be surprised about how much support and insight Reddit can offer. So, why not give this vast platform a chance?

Written by Puja Sarkar, Press & Written Media team

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